Medical Weed compared to Opioids

Given the safety profile of medical weed compared to opioids, medical weed appears to be far safer. However, if you’re already using opioids and are considering making any drastic changes to your treatment then you should do so under close supervision by your physician. Kevin Ameling, a chronic pain patient who now works for a Read More

-11 July 17

Retirement and Cannabis

From retirement communities to nursing homes, older Americans are increasingly turning to marijuana for relief from aches and pains; connecting retirement and cannabis. Many have embraced it as an alternative to powerful drugs like morphine, saying that marijuana is less addictive with fewer side effects, while some see it as a last resort.   Retirement Read More

-24 June 17

Discovering the Cannabis Spa at Home

The Cannabis Spa at Home is the first book to bring together Spa, Cannabis, and Herbal Healing. Cannabis spa isn’t new—the plant has been used for thousands of years for external use in the traditional health practices of Eastern cultures. In locations where cannabis has renewed legal status today, cannabis spa potions such as lotions, Read More

-08 June 17