OnePath Medical Marijuana Recommendations DC, MD, NY & PA

Online Medical Marijuana Card Service in DC, MD, NY & PA.
Meet a licensed doctor using a smartphone or computer near you.

How It Works

Book your

Book your appointment with a licensed doctor from one of our locations (DC, Maryland, New York, or Pennsylvania) using your computer or smartphone.

Meet a Licensed
Medical Marijuana

Meet a licensed doctor online who will consult with you and get an understanding of your current ailments. The consultation usually takes between 10-15 minutes.

Get your

Once you are approved you will receive your recommendation number. Your recommendation will be used to move forward with your state application or in many cases allow you temporary access to your dispensary of choice.

What Do You Receive?

  • Medical Marijuana Recommendation
  • Upon approval you’ll receive a medical cannabis recommendation for approval to use medical cannabis. With this you’ll be able to access medical cannabis products and dispensaries in your state.

  • 100% Protection
  • All medical data is encrypted with SSL Certificates and housed within industry leading data protection servers. Our records and software ensure the standards set by HIPAA standards on security, and electronic medical record keeping.

  • Easy Online Process
  • Our process is made to be simple, and guides you through the process of getting your medical marijuana card. Our doctors are available every day of the week and are ready to consult with patients to get them approved and into dispensaries.

About Our Physicians

OnePath Medical is a Medical Cannabis Group that helps everyday people find physicians that will recommend them for medical marijuana and get their medical card within their state.

All OnePath practitioners work closely with our clients, medical providers, and dispensaries to ensure that our clients receive discreet, safe, and sophisticated care.

Our doctors are all state licensed physicians that have worked with hundreds of cannabis patients. We believe in the healing power of cannabis and every patient will get the treatment they seek after speaking with our doctors.